Leveraging Love Island stars for Estrid
Leveraging Love Island stars for Estrid

Over the past 2 years we’ve teamed up with Estrid, the leading razor subscription service, to supercharge their influencer marketing and generate awareness amongst women aged 18-30, driving them to subscribe.

We’ve been a key player in elevating Estrid’s brand awareness in the UK, facilitating key partnerships with renowned macro influencers and driving over 30M impressions to date. Our talent approach is all about tapping into the UK’s most influential players, like Molly Mae and Olivia Attwood, who have reach far beyond Instagram and are adored by females aged 18-30. So far, we’ve secured partnerships with 23 macro influencers for Estrid, with many of them returning for recurring activations.

Our strategy utilises Instagram Stories and TikTok for their interactivity and click-driving functionality, and follows an always-on approach with extra activity around key seasonal moments such as Valentine’s Day. In the last 18 months alone, we’ve executed nearly 70 activations for Estrid.

Our campaigns have been instrumental in driving immense awareness for Estrid, reaching over 29M users. By partnering with current, trending creators with loyal fanbases, we have been able to speak to a large community of engaged Gen Z and Millennial females (72% aged between 18-34 and 88% female), driving over 107K clicks to their site.


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