Little Moons

Gifting Mochis with Little Moons
Gifting Mochis with Little Moons

Little Moons, the beloved mochi ice cream brand, tasked us with increasing brand awareness by promoting their range across the UK and Germany over a three-month period; January, February and April.

We collaborated with 39 mid-tier and macro creators across these locations, including MIC’s Olivia Benton and Tiff Watson. Each influencer was gifted with a selection of Little Moons’ best-selling flavours and generated an Instagram story reviewing and recommending their favourite flavour, and where their audience can purchase them.
Instagram posts were also created among influencers in the UK to increase both reach and engagement.

The campaign successfully reached over 1M unique users, and with almost 50K clicks the awareness of little moons was increased in both markets. We also successfully hit our target market, reaching a predominantly UK audience at 62%, followed by a 38% DE audience, mostly aged between 25-34, perfect for a premium treat.


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