Highlighting hand-crafted jewellery with Mejuri
Highlighting hand-crafted jewellery with Mejuri

We helped Mejuri increase sales of the Claude Home and Coastal Collections and raise awareness of the brand’s unique selling proposition (USP) – hand-crafted, everyday fine jewelry inspired by their customers. Additionally, we aimed to facilitate Mejuri’s pivot to target the Gen Z audience.

Our strategy was meticulously designed to align with Mejuri’s brand identity and the campaign’s goals. We collaborated with two micro-influencers from the fashion and lifestyle space, ensuring that they had highly engaged followings and aesthetics that resonated with the Mejuri brand.

To create authentic and engaging content, we leveraged Instagram Stories. This allowed the influencers to produce “try on” style content, which demonstrated how easily Mejuri’s pieces could be dressed up or down for everyday wear. This hands-on approach was pivotal in showcasing the versatility of the jewelry collections.

To drive actionable results, we incorporated clear and compelling call-to-actions in the influencer content, directing followers to unique discounted links that guided them to the Mejuri website. In turn, we reached over 90K unique followers.


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