Promoting personalised vitamins with Nourished
Promoting personalised vitamins with Nourished

Our mission with Nourished, a customisable, 3D-printed vitamin gummy brand, was clear: increase brand awareness in the UK and US while shining a spotlight on four key pillars—personalisation, high-quality ingredients, sustainable packaging, and cutting-edge technology.

To achieve this, we teamed up with 30 fitness and wellness influencers across both regions. Each influencer crafted an engaging Instagram Story or TikTok video to showcase their personalised Nourished product. They shared their firsthand experiences of incorporating these gummies into their daily routines.

To drive actionable results, we implemented a compelling call to action. Followers were encouraged to use a discount code, offering a generous 50% off their first Nourished box.

The campaign yielded impressive outcomes with a reach of 173K and 11K engagements. This strategy effectively amplified brand awareness and communicated Nourished’s commitment to personalisation, quality, sustainability, and innovation.


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